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Our core objective is to remain informed in order to provide you with accurate advice and offer you financial peace of mind.

What We Do

We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex financial landscape and make informed decisions that align with their values and priorities.
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Investment Management

Explore your investment options with the expert guidance of our comprehensive investment management services.
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Retirement Planning

We offer a personalized approach to managing your wealth, simplifying financial complexities and help you reach your goals.
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Tax Planning

Simplify taxes with our expert financial advisory services for optimized tax-efficiency and strategic planning.
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Estate Planning

Helping clients safeguard assets, minimize taxes, and support loved ones and philanthropic goals.

Who We Are

Get the peace of mind you deserve with Connor Wealth Management and the “Swan Philosophy” of Sleep Well At Night. Our team provides comprehensive financial planning and ongoing management to preserve and grow your wealth responsibly. Contact us for personalized solutions.

How We Work

Discover the difference at Connor Wealth Management where we take a holistic approach to financial planning. Our team of experts is supported by the latest technology to bring you informed and relevant advice. Experience a personalized touch in your financial journey with us.



Understand the client’s personal background and financial situation.



Analyze their assets and goals to develop a personalized plan.



Present recommendations and implement the plan, providing ongoing management.



Encourage clients to view their investments as a business and manage them as effectively as possible.

Our Mission

Connor Wealth Management is dedicated to establishing enduring connections founded on trust and mutual respect, with the aim of not only accumulating wealth, but also creating a secure and fulfilling financial future for you and your family. Through the use of cutting-edge software and a tailored approach, we offer expert advice in a variety of areas. It is our mission to assist you in navigating the intricate financial landscape and prioritizing your individual needs and aspirations. Our exceptional knowledge, experience, and integrity distinguish us from others in the industry to keep you informed and self-assured in your financial decision-making.

How We’re Different

High client retention and commitment to education sets us apart, delivering knowledgeable, caring and empowered financial planning for a secure future. With cutting-edge financial planning and ongoing management, you can trust us to help you achieve your financial goals.


Our team of financial advisors has carefully curated a selection of articles, videos, and other resources to help you learn more about a wide range of financial topics. Whether you’re just starting out and need help with budgeting and saving, or you’re a seasoned investor looking for the latest insights on the stock market, we’ve got you covered.


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